Catalytic converter

Catalytic converter,

Definition of Catalytic converter:

  1. Device attached to the exhaust system of an auto or other engine to eliminate or substantially reduce polluting emissions. It converts three harmful substances into harmless ones: carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas) into carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides (cause acid rain and smog) into nitrogen and oxygen, and hydrocarbons (cause smog and respiratory problems) into carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic converters consist of a stainless steel box attached to the muffler and containing ceramic beads or honeycomb coated with catalysts (usually alumina, ceria, and other compounds combined with palladium, platinum, and rhodium) and various sensors that regulate the fuel and air passing through the engine.

  2. A device incorporated in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle, containing a catalyst for converting pollutant gases into less harmful ones.

How to use Catalytic converter in a sentence?

  1. When I went to get an oil change the mechanic told me I needed a new catalytic converter , but I took it somewhere else for a second opinion.
  2. If your car has an exhaust problem and the mechanic tells your its the catalytic converter youre in trouble because, although it reduces pollution, its the most expensive part or the exhaust system to replace.
  3. Finally the redesigned exhaust system brings the catalytic converters closer to the engine for faster light-off.
  4. I decided to remove the catalytic converter on my truck in the country as it increased the gas mileage on the farm travels.

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