Cat Split Nail

Cat Split Nail

What should I do if my cat's nails are cracked and bleeding? ۔

I don't know what happened, but my cat came to me with two nails and was bleeding. what I have to do? Can i leave you alone

He grabbed it and tore it, causing it to bleed. Just take them to the doctor and if you can't stand it, gently wash your nails and apply a small amount of pexide and wrap them in a sterile bandage.

Your doctor should take a look. Aren't they enough for you? Because sometimes cracks can occur if the cat's claws are stretched too long. Or it could be if you cut too close. I did it and it scared me !! I remember taking a paper towel, dipping it in water and asking my husband to guide the cat, wrapping it in a paw and even pushing it. You can use pxide to clean it. You don't want it to be affected. I had the same problem with a kitten that I was raising. The doctor prescribed a kind of blue antiseptic liquid which I had to mix with a few drops of warm water. More water than liquid. I had to dip my claws in it for 3 minutes. I can tell you that the kitten screamed so loud that it almost cried, but after a while the claws healed.

I don't know where I heard this, but if your cat's paw is bleeding, dip it in flour to stop the bleeding. I'm not sure it worked. I did not know what happened to me.

I now!

This has happened to me a few times and that's fine. I quickly soaked the pandas in hydrogen oxide, dried them and glued them to the broken nails. Do this twice a day. None of these things will hurt the cat, and you don't have to worry about tying your legs, because these cats will just wrap up. Do this for 23 days and the healing process will be over.

Alas, there is very little bleeding when cats have their feet open. Try the dough and pressure (5 minutes straight, no king), enough time to keep the cat quiet. If bleeding continues, find a full tank, buy quick stop powder, it almost always works if you don't get a 24 hour weight clinic.

If your cat allows it, you can trim them with a nail clipper. Not too far or they will bleed more. You can bandage your leg until it heals, but if you do not know how the cat will take it off.

Cat Split Nail