Castle doctrine

Castle doctrine,

Definition of Castle doctrine:

  1. (especially in the US) the principle that one is justified in the use of deadly force to protect ones home and its inhabitants from intruders, without being obliged to retreat.

  2. Legal rule under which a person protecting his or her property (such as home or place of business) may stand his or her ground (instead of retreating) and apply deadly force against an intruder (or an invited guest) who intends to commit an armed robbery and/or inflict serious bodily harm upon the person or upon those in the property. Based on the a mans home is his castle principle of equity.

How to use Castle doctrine in a sentence?

  1. If someone tries to break into your home or workplace with bad intent the castle doctrine allows you to protect is strongly.
  2. I was glad the castle doctrine existed, because it meant I could protect myself and my assets from bad people.
  3. You should know if there is a law in place where you live similar to the castle doctrine about how strong you can protect your property.

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