Definition of Casting:

  1. An object made by pouring molten metal or other material into a mold.

  2. Manufacturing method in which a molten metal is injected or poured into a mold (or mould) to form an object of the desired shape.

Synonyms of Casting

CYSP sculpture, Adding, Anaglyptics, Anaglyptography, Angling, Archery, Architectural sculpture, Architecture, Assembly, Bone-carving, Building, Bullion, Button, Calculation, Calculus, Cast, Ceroplastics, Chasing, Chucking, Ciphering, Clay sculpture, Composition, Computation, Construction, Conversion, Crafting, Craftsmanship, Creation, Cultivation, Decorative sculpture, Devising, Earth art, Elaboration, Embossing, Engraving, Erection, Estimation, Extraction, Fabrication, Fashioning, Firing, Fishery, Fishing, Flinging, Fly fishing, Footing, Formation, Forming, Formulation, Founding, Framing, Garden sculpture, Gate, Gem-cutting, Glass sculpture, Glyptic, Growing, Guddling, Gunnery, Handicraft, Handiwork, Harpooning, Harvesting, Heaving, Hurling, Ingot, Ivory-carving, Jaculation, Jigging, Lobbing, Lost-wax process, Machining, Making, Manufacture, Manufacturing, Metal sculpture, Milling, Mining, Modeling, Mold, Molding, Monumental sculpture, Musketry, Paper sculpture, Pig, Piscation, Pitching, Plaster casting, Plastic art, Portrait sculpture, Prefabrication, Preparation, Processing, Producing, Projection, Raising, Reckoning, Refining, Regulus, Relief, Relief-carving, Relievo, Rod and reel, Sculptor, Sculpture, Sculpturing, Seal, Shaping, Sheet metal, Shell-carving, Shooting, Skeet, Skeet shooting, Slinging, Smelting, Sow, Stamp, Statuary, Still-fishing, Stone sculpture, Stonecutting, Throwing, Totaling, Toting, Trajection, Trapshooting, Trawling, Trolling, Whaling, Whittling, Wire sculpture, Wood carving, Workmanship, Xyloglyphy, Mould, Die, Form, Matrix, Shape, Casting, Template, Pattern, Frame

How to use Casting in a sentence?

  1. Bronze castings.

Meaning of Casting & Casting Definition