Casse Toi

Casse Toi

What does CEO Toi mean in English?

Someone told me this in French. I don't know what that means. I have been trying to learn French for a year. Help?

Literally translated, it means self-destruction. What does not mean.

It's actually a French phrase (from French) that can be translated kindly so that you can be told to lose or bite yourself as hard as possible. So it depends on the context.

In Quebec we would say: Fait de lair.

As you can imagine not saying good, let me know if you want a good French broadcast and I will include it in the answer.


Technically, it means to break oneself, like the English proverb Gate Bennett, which means F *** off. This is a very rude way to say "lost."

Casey, that means destroying yourself.

caseetoi means outside.

I think it's abusive to be off, like get lost!

Casse Toi