Definition of Cashing:

  1. Money in coins or notes, as distinct from cheques, money orders, or credit.

  2. Lead (a high card) so as to take the opportunity to win a trick.

  3. Converting a financial instrument (such as a check, draft, guarantee, insurance policy, or share) into cash.

  4. Give or obtain notes or coins for (a cheque or money order).

Synonyms of Cashing

Exchange, Change, Convert into cash, Convert into money, Turn into cash, Turn into money, Encash, Realize, Liquidate, Money, Ready cash, Ready money, Currency, Legal tender, Hard cash

How to use Cashing in a sentence?

  1. The staff were paid in cash.
  2. South cashed the ace, king, and queen of clubs.
  3. The bank cashed her cheque.

Meaning of Cashing & Cashing Definition