Cashier's check

Cashiers check,

Definition of Cashiers check:

  1. Check written by a bank (or other financial institution) on its own funds, and signed by the banks cashier or other such officer. Cashiers check is used mainly for disbursing proceeds of a loan to a customer, or to a third-party named by the customer. In contrast, a certified check is drawn on the customers funds. Also called official check, managers check, or treasurers check.

How to use Cashiers check in a sentence?

  1. The cashiers check was issued to the customer who was able to use that money to purchase the goods he required.
  2. Usually if you apply for a loan they wont just give you cash they will likely pay you out with a cashiers check .
  3. I finally got the cashiers check from the bank and it made me really excited because I was not sure if I would get it.

Meaning of Cashiers check & Cashiers check Definition

Cashier's Check,

What is The Definition of Cashier's Check?

  • The bank made checks and paid with your money. Bank checks are usually not returned, as the amount paid is paid to the bank at the time of issue and the bank accepts responsibility for it.

  • You can define Cashier's Check as, Bank checks are withdrawn from your own account and signed by a teller or other authorized agent. It is used to pay off bank obligations directly, to repay loans to creditors, or to credit their accounts. It is also sold to customers for domestic exchanges when the recipient's personal check cannot be accepted. (Compare Certified Check)

  • You can define Cashier's Check as, Checks are deposited from a bank's funds, not from a deposit account. However, the depositor pays a cashier's check with the funds from his account. The main advantage of a cashier's check is that the recipient of the check can ensure that funds are available. See questions about bank checks.

Literal Meanings of Cashier's Check


Meanings of Cashier:
  1. The person who manages payments and receipts at a store, bank or other business.

  2. Dismissing (someone) from the army for a serious mistake.

Sentences of Cashier
  1. Over the past fifty years, the country's banks have often worked as managers of state-owned bankrupt companies, which have often gone bankrupt, paying little attention to their ability to repay and accumulating bad debts.

  2. The culprit and the accused were found

Synonyms of Cashier

expel, cast out, banker, dismiss, teller, bank clerk, clerk, throw out, discard, bursar, bank teller, get rid of, drum out, discharge, treasurer, purser


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Sentences of Check
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Cashier's Check,

How Do You Define Cashier's Check?

  1. A check that your KSD has paid. As a rule, not a single check will fail as the amount issued is paid to the bank at the time of issuance and the bank accepts responsibility.

  2. The cashier's check is issued on your account and signed by the cashier or other authorized employee. It is used to determine the direct liability of a bank so that the loan amount is repaid to the borrower or credited to his account. It is also sold to customers for domestic transfers when the recipient cannot accept a personal check. (Compare notarized checks)

  3. The check drawn in the bank account, not in the depositor's account. However, the payer pays the cashier's check with the NDS of his account. The main advantage of a check is that the recipient of the check can be assured that the node is available. View payment questions.

Literal Meanings of Cashier's Check


Meanings of Cashier:
  1. A person who manages payments and receipts in a store, bank or business.

  2. Shoot (someone) in the armed forces who hates a crime.

Sentences of Cashier
  1. Found the culprit and the cashier

Synonyms of Cashier

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Sentences of Check
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