Definition of Cash:

  1. Ready money. For accounting purposes, cash includes money in hand, petty cash, bank account balance, customer checks, and marketable securities. It may also include the unutilized portion of an overdraft facility or line of credit.

Synonyms of Cash

COD, Acquitment, Acquittal, Acquittance, Amortization, Amortizement, And pence, Available funds, Balance in hand, Banknotes, Bills, Binder, Bread, Cash down, Cash in, Cash in hand, Cash on delivery, Cash payment, Cash supply, Change, Circulating medium, Clearance, Coin, Coinage, Coined liberty, Cold cash, Convert into cash, Currency, Debt service, Defrayal, Defrayment, Deposit, Disbursal, Discharge, Doling out, Dollars, Dough, Down, Down payment, Earnest, Earnest money, Emergency money, Exchange, Filthy lucre, Fractional currency, Gelt, Gold, Hard cash, Hard currency, Hard money, Hire purchase, Hire purchase plan, Immediate resources, Installment, Installment plan, Interest payment, Jack, Legal tender, Liquid assets, Liquidate, Liquidation, Lolly, Loot, Lucre, Mammon, Managed currency, Mazuma, Medium of exchange, Mintage, Money, Money down, Money in hand, Monthly payments, Moolah, Necessity money, Never-never, Notes, On call, On demand, Pay COD, Pay at sight, Pay cash, Pay cash down, Pay in advance, Pay spot cash, Pay-as-you-go, Paying, Paying off, Paying out, Paying up, Payment, Payment in kind, Payoff, Pelf, Postage currency, Postal currency, Pounds, Prepayment, Quarterly payments, Quittance, Ready, Ready money, Realize, Regular payments, Remittance, Retirement, Satisfaction, Scratch, Scrip, Sell, Settlement, Shekels, Shillings, Silver, Sinking-fund payment, Soft currency, Specie, Spot cash, Sterling, Strictly cash, The almighty dollar, The ready, The wherewith, The wherewithal, Treasury, Wampum, Weekly payments

How to use Cash in a sentence?

  1. You must always be able to get your hands on enough cash in case a great deal comes about that you need to take.
  2. The cash disbursement was required as the customer paid in cash so returned their money in the same form of payment.
  3. I was really excited to go to Las Vegas with my girl because we had a lot of cash and could do whatever we wanted.

Meaning of Cash & Cash Definition

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Cash Definition:

Includes all funds available on request, including bills and coins, exchanges, multiple checks and savings or cash in a debit account.

Cash means: A means of exchange

Meaning of Cash: ASSET has a balance sheet showing banknotes and coins, convertible notes and checks, bank balances and some short term government centers.

Meanings of Cash

  1. Giving or receiving banknotes or coins with (check or money order).

  2. Money in the form of coins or notes instead of checks, money orders or loans.

  3. Small denomination coins from China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Synonyms of Cash

lot , coin , ready cash, dinero , turn into money, resources , investment , skins , buck , security , banknote , turn into cash, green stuff , mazumah , refund , dough , riches , bread , legal tender , wampum


What Does Cash Mean?

This includes all cash available on request, including bills and coins, some changes, some checks, and savings or money in a bank account.

An ET account on the balance sheet representing banknotes and coins, transferable notes and checks, bank balances and some government bonds.

Meanings of Cash

  1. Money is in the form of coins or notes, unlike checks, money orders or loans.

  2. Lead (high litter)

  3. Small value coins from China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Sentences of Cash

  1. The bank cashed the check

  2. Takes the ace, king and queen of the South Club.

Synonyms of Cash

rocks, Oscar, greenbacks, bank notes, coin of the realm, convert into cash/money, accept, spondulicks, brass, encash, simoleons, wad, dosh, take, wonga, ready money/cash, l.s.d., readies, bucks, rhino, honour, ackers, boodle


Cash Meanings:

  1. Definition of Cash: This includes all cash available on request, including bills and coins, some changes, some checks, and money in a savings or deposit account.

Meanings of Cash

  1. Lead to move (high letter).

  2. Small coins of China, South India or Southeast Asia

Sentences of Cash

  1. Takes the ace, king and queen of the southern club

Synonyms of Cash

copper, kale, ducats, gravy, splosh, dibs, shinplasters, turn into cash/money, coins