Cash Sales

Cash Sales,

What is The Definition of Cash Sales?

Cash Sales means: Sales are made by cash, check or credit card.

Literal Meanings of Cash Sales


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Giving or receiving banknotes or coins with (check or money order).

  2. Money in the form of coins or notes instead of checks, money orders or loans.

  3. A small denomination coin from China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Synonyms of Cash

convert into cash, exchange, turn into money, legal tender, encash, currency, ready money, change, hard cash, ready cash, money, turn into cash, liquidate, realize, convert into money


Meanings of Sales:
  1. Exchanging goods for money, selling something.

  2. The length of time a store or retailer sells a product at a discount.

Sentences of Sales
  1. We give up selling

  2. January sales will begin this week

Synonyms of Sales

disposal, deal, transaction, selling, vending, bargain