Cash Payments Journal

Cash Payments Journal,

Cash Payments Journal Definition:

  1. A full color diary that records the amount of money paid for expenses.

Literal Meanings of Cash Payments Journal


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Money in the form of coins or notes is compared to a check, money order or loan.

  2. Money in all its forms, especially those that are readily available

  3. Die

  4. Calculate and analyze revenue at the end of the trading day.

  5. Take advantage of the situation or take advantage of it.

  6. Turn your insurance, savings or other investment policy into cash.

Sentences of Cash
  1. Cash back

  2. Companies with cash credit or deposit accounts can now make cash payments to their credit line instead of checks or money orders.

  3. You can bring passenger checks, cash and credit cards.

  4. In the finance office, the central vault key exploded, destroying all papers, including coupons, promissory notes, cash and checkboxes.

  5. It is best to buy your bonds directly from a bank or credit union with cash or an existing account.

  6. Most of us are familiar with many different ways of spending money: cash, checks and credit cards.

Synonyms of Cash

change, turn into cash, money, convert into cash, realize, investment capital, assets, means, liquidate, currency, turn into money, ready money, hard cash, encash, wherewithal, convert into money, ready cash, capital, funds, resources, legal tender


Meanings of Journal:
  1. Newspapers or magazines that discuss a particular topic or task.

  2. Newspaper records of daily news and personal incidents.

  3. A report on the daily debates in the British Parliament building.

  4. (In accounting) An agreement with the daily settlement of business transactions for which an invoice must be issued and submitted.

  5. The shaft or the part of the shaft that is affected.

  6. Write in a diary or newspaper.

Sentences of Journal
  1. Wall Street Newspaper

  2. Shane Rhodes has published poems, articles and reviews in Canadian magazines, newspapers and journals.

  3. Craft spends his professional hours in thousands of educational magazines, journals and newspapers.

  4. She read novels, newspapers, medical journals and scientific magazines and read textbooks as a writing teacher.

  5. He also published in journalists and educational magazines.

  6. Popular medical journals, newspapers and magazines are full of stories about the harmful effects of obesity.

Synonyms of Journal

logbook, daily record, publication, news-sheet, weblog, log, professional organ, gazette, vlog, day-by-day account, yearbook, digest, magazine, review, bulletin, moblog, blog, newsletter