Cash Flow To Sales

Cash Flow To Sales,

Cash Flow To Sales:

  1. A way to measure sales volume to generate operational cash flows.

Literal Meanings of Cash Flow To Sales


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Money in the form of coins or notes is compared to a check, money order or loan.

Synonyms of Cash

convert into money, turn into money, currency, change, realize, legal tender, hard cash, turn into cash, ready cash, convert into cash, money, encash, liquidate, exchange, ready money


Meanings of Flow:
  1. (Of liquids, gases or electricity) in a flow or with current or in constant and constant motion.

  2. Usually in large numbers, move from one place to another in a steady stream.

  3. (Solid) undergoes permanent deformation under stress without melting.

  4. The action or process moves in a constant, constant flow.

  5. The constant and constant flow of something.

  6. Progressive permanent deformation of solids under stress without melting.

Sentences of Flow
  1. From here, the river flows north

  2. The company assumes that orders will continue

  3. The flow of water in the pond

  4. He started the car

  5. Analysis of seismic waves shows that the material that forms the shell behaves like plastic, a substance with solid properties, but it flows under pressure.

Synonyms of Flow

spill, drift, to and fro, move, stirring, locomotion, drizzle, dribble, course, circulation, circulate, ripple, trickle, go along, moving, motion, movement, rise and fall, toing and froing, passage, glide, gurgle, flux, coming and going


Meanings of To:
  1. Identify the person or thing in question.

  2. Anxious or troubled (something, especially a summary)

  3. It is used with the root form of the verb to indicate that the verb is ineffective.

  4. Used without the following verb, if the missing verb is clearly understood.

Sentences of To
  1. She married her cousin Johns

  2. He left his bicycle tied to the fence

  3. She tells him to come, but he says he doesn't want to

Synonyms of To

to, secured, so as to near, tight, secure, fastened, firmly fixed, in the direction of, toward, so as to approach


Meanings of Sales:
  1. To exchange something for money is to sell something.

  2. Time for a store or retailer to sell a discounted product.

Sentences of Sales
  1. We sell

  2. January sales will begin this week

Synonyms of Sales

selling, bargain, disposal, deal, transaction, vending