Cash Flow Surplus

Cash Flow Surplus,

How To Define Cash Flow Surplus?

Excessive cash flow occurs when the insurance company accumulates money over a period of time that exceeds the amount required to cover its expenses. If the insurer has more cash than he needs, he can invest that amount, reinvest it in the business, or keep it until a later date.

Literal Meanings of Cash Flow Surplus


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Play (high card) to take the chance to win the trick.

Synonyms of Cash

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Meanings of Flow:
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Sentences of Flow
  1. From here the river flows north

  2. The company assumes that orders will continue

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Meanings of Surplus:
  1. When needs are met, oversupply or oversupply, many things are left behind.

  2. Excessive or excessive

Sentences of Surplus
  1. Excess food exports

  2. Enjoy your extra money

Synonyms of Surplus

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