Cash Credit Line

Cash Credit Line,

What is The Definition of Cash Credit Line?

The portion of the total credit card account credit limit that can be used for bank advances.

Literal Meanings of Cash Credit Line


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Giving or receiving banknotes or coins with (check or money order).

  2. Money in the form of coins or notes instead of checks, money orders or loans.

  3. Small denomination coins of China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Synonyms of Cash

liquidate, turn into cash, ready cash, turn into money, ready money, encash, realize, convert into cash, hard cash, convert into money, currency, legal tender, change, exchange, money


Meanings of Credit:
  1. Publicly recognizing someone as a production participant (something that has been published or broadcast)

  2. Add to the account (amount of money).

  3. Belief (no wonder or impossible)

  4. The ability of the user to receive goods or services prior to payment based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  5. An entry that records the amount received, to the right or in the Accounts column.

  6. Public acknowledgment or definition, usually when a responsibility for an action or ideology is delegated to someone, is made clear.

  7. Completion of the course or confirmation of student activity, which will be given to the degree or diploma registered in the school record

  8. The quality is reliable or credited.

Sentences of Credit
  1. The script is attributed to an American author and two Japanese authors

  2. You may not believe it but it is true

  3. Columns must be included and the debit amount must be equal to the credit amount.

  4. The president claims all the success for himself

  5. Cicero's abstract philosophy lost its credibility

Synonyms of Credit

rely on, plausibility, praise, credibility, have confidence in, glory, set down, give credence to, trust, solvency, have faith in, attribute, respect, assign, count on, financial status, merit, tributes, admiration, commendation, veneration, put down, acknowledgement, hat tip, esteem


Meanings of Line:
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Sentences of Line
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Synonyms of Line

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