Cash Balance

Cash Balance,

What is Cash Balance?

  1. Cash Balance means, Whenever there is a transaction that affects cash, the cash balance is debited or credited. Cash balances are usually invested in money market funds that pay interest. Money market funds can be tax-free or tax-free. With a brokerage account, cash balances in the money market are cleared every day.

Literal Meanings of Cash Balance


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Money in the form of coins or notes is compared to a check, money order or loan.

Synonyms of Cash

money, ready cash, ready money, currency, legal tender, hard cash, exchange, change, convert into cash, convert into money, turn into cash, turn into money, encash, realize, liquidate


Meanings of Balance:
  1. Even the distribution of weight allows someone or something to stand and stand.

  2. Indicate where the different elements are the same or in the right proportions.

  3. The current invention relates to weight-bearing resources, especially with a focal point, a beam and a scale.

  4. Opposite weight or strength.

  5. Dominant weight or quantity.

  6. A number that shows the difference between credit and debit in an account, the amount of money deposited in the account.

  7. Keep something in a stable position to prevent it from falling.

  8. (One thing) Change or compare values ​​with another thing

  9. Compare fees and credits (accounts) to make sure they are the same.

Sentences of Balance
  1. He lost his balance before he fell

  2. Try to strike a balance between work and rest.

  3. The atomic weight of an element that chemists can weigh using scales and scales depends on the number of protons and neutrons, which have about the same amount.

  4. Allow the centrifugal force to balance while the two skates move to the left during the turn.

  5. The bottom line is that work is more important than leisure

  6. Achieved healthy balance in sparkles

  7. The cup he threw on his knee

  8. The costs of obtaining this information should be compared to the benefits.

  9. The law requires the board to strike a balance in its books each year

Synonyms of Balance

stability, equilibrium, steadiness, footing, fairness, justice, impartiality, egalitarianism, equal opportunity, scale, scales, weighing machine, weighbridge, counterbalance, equipoise, counterweight, stabilizer, compensation, recompense, ballast, makeweight, steady, stabilize, weigh