Cash Available

Cash Available,

What is The Definition of Cash Available?

  • Money that can be withdrawn in cash or used to buy additional bonds without creating a debit balance. This is a combination of funds on all accounts and additional funds in margin accounts.

Literal Meanings of Cash Available


Meanings of Cash:
  1. Giving or receiving banknotes or coins with (check or money order).

  2. Money in the form of coins or notes instead of checks, money orders or loans.

  3. Small denomination coins from China, South India or Southeast Asia.

Synonyms of Cash

liquidate, currency, turn into cash, realize, ready cash, encash, turn into money, hard cash, exchange, ready money, convert into money, money, convert into cash, legal tender, change


Meanings of Available:
  1. Can be used or provided by anyone.

Sentences of Available
  1. Drinks will be available until noon

Synonyms of Available

convenient, ready for use, obtainable, to be had, handy, at hand, at one's fingertips, to hand, accessible, within easy reach, at one's disposal