Definition of Cash-and-Carry-Arbitrage:

Cash and carry arbitrage is a neutral market strategy that combines the purchase of long positions in assets such as stocks or commodities and the sale of (short) positions in futures contracts on the same asset. . It aims to take advantage of the inability to create asset prices in the spot (or spot) market and risk-free profits in the futures markets. In theory, future contracts should be expensive in relation to the underlying assets, otherwise arbitration would not be beneficial.

  • Cash and transfer arbitrage seeks to take advantage of price volatility between spot and futures markets, buy assets in the previous market and open short positions in futures contracts for the same assets. The idea is to provide assets for physical delivery by the expiration date of the future contract.
  • Casendcry's arbitration is not entirely risk-free, as there may be costs involved in physically carrying the assets until they expire.

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