Definition of Case-sensitive:

  1. (of a program or function) differentiating between capital and lowercase letters.

  2. Computer command which specifies that each letter of a word or term must be typed exactly as required or shown-as a capital (upper-case) letter or a common (lower case) letter. Usually, passwords are case sensitive for better security. Also, a database search can be made case sensitive for greater accuracy.

How to use Case-sensitive in a sentence?

  1. You can restrict the extent of the search by making it case-sensitive.
  2. You will deal with things that may be case-sensitive and you need to make sure to handle them in the right way.
  3. The passwords are case-sensitive , so keep that in mind if you want to make it more secure by adding capital letters.
  4. The password was case-sensitive which made it harder to break into the database, because the combination very well could be capitalized.

Meaning of Case-sensitive & Case-sensitive Definition