Cartoon Characters With Brown Hair

Cartoon Characters With Brown Hair

Is there a cartoon character with green eyes and brother's hair? ۔

Sometimes Betty Bopche looks different in different designs.

Princess Ariel? (Little mermaid.) Green eyes. Red hair?

The beauty of beauty and

Edit: Belle has green eyes ... I saw her in a book. She is not a princess. She is the daughter of an inventor who married him only when he became a prince again.

Cartoon green eyes

Sorry, I don't know such cartoon girls. But I know two mobile phone girls, one can be seen in different ways, the other as one.

Makoto / Leta Kino, better known as Sailor Jupiter or Princess Jupiter than the Sailor Moon series. My sister's hair, ponytail, green eyes and, depending on her figure, her striped sweater or her green princess Jupiter dress.

Cartoon Characters With Brown Hair