Carte blanche

Carte blanche,

Definition of Carte blanche:

  1. Complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best.

  2. "Carte blanche" is a French term that means "blank document." Carte blanche is commonly used in English to refer to a check that has been signed but does not have a dollar amount written in. The recipient of such a check then writes in whatever dollar amount he wants or needs.

  3. The term "carte blanche" is more commonly used figuratively than literally. It usually means someone in power has given someone else the unconditional authority to spend money in a given situation or make decisions about that situation. This term is commonly used in politics and business. Carte blanche arrangements are often a bad idea because of their high potential for abuse.

  4. Freedom or permission to choose any alternative.

  5. Signed document (such as a blank check) to which its holder can add any amount, condition, date, etc. French for, blank card.

Synonyms of Carte blanche

Freedom, Scope, A free hand, Leeway, Latitude, Elbow room, Space, Room, Flexibility, Liberty, Independence, Play, Slack, Free play, Leisure, Licence, Room to manoeuvre, Scope for initiative, Freedom of action, Freedom from restriction, Indulgence, Laxity, Margin, Ample scope, Authority, Blank check, Clearance, Copyright, Discretion, Dispensation, Elbowroom, Favor, Field, Franchise, Free course, Free hand, Free play, Free scope, Freedom, Full authority, Full power, Full scope, Full swing, Grant, Immunity, Indulgence, Latitude, Leeway, Liberty, License, Long rope, Maneuvering space, Margin, No holds barred, Open mandate, Open space, Patent, Permission, Play, Power, Power of attorney, Prerogative, Privilege, Range, Right, Room, Rope, Sanction, Say, Say-so, Scope, Sea room, Space, Special favor, Swing, Tolerance, Warrant, Way, Wide berth

How to use Carte blanche in a sentence?

  1. We were given carte blanche.
  2. Carte blanche is a figurative term to describe having free reign or flexibility with budget or spending decisions for a project or investment.
  3. In politics, it can mean free reign over policy or strategy, often leading to poor outcomes due to abuse of power or overstepping bounds.
  4. The term comes from French, where it translates as "blank document" or "blank checque.".

Meaning of Carte blanche & Carte blanche Definition