Cart-To-Detail Rate

Cart-To-Detail Rate

CartToDetail Rate is a Google Analytics metric (when using the advanced eCommerce module) that shows the percentage of people who add a product to their cart on the website after viewing that product's page.

This can be useful to determine the performance of a product page.

Literal Meanings of Cart-To-Detail Rate


Meanings of Cart:
  1. A small open-wheeled vehicle pulled or pushed by a person or animal, used more often to transport goods than people.

  2. A small car that resembles a car or go-kart.

  3. Basket.

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  6. For deletion, especially by accident, or for deletion.

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  9. Game system cartridge.

Sentences of Cart
  1. The shopkeeper brought his goods in carts.

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Sentences of To
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Meanings of Detail:
  1. Something small enough to escape casual attention.

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Meanings of Rate:
  1. Have a function (in a particular class).

Cart-To-Detail Rate