Carriage trade

Carriage trade,

Definition of Carriage trade:

  1. Wealthy, well-to-do, or upper-class customers receiving special treatment or the transactions conducted with them, as distinguished from the working class. Businesses catering to these customers sell high-end, or high-priced, goods and services and tend to offer amenities in their shops not ordinarily found in standard retailers or service providers. The term originally applied to rich theater patrons or store clients who travelled in private carriages.

  2. The wealthy clientele of a business.

Synonyms of Carriage trade

Vanity Fair, Beau monde, Beautiful people, Best people, Blue blood, Cafe society, Clientage, Clientele, Cream of society, Custom, Drawing room, Elite, Fashionable society, Flower, Gentility, Gentry, Good society, Haut monde, High life, High society, In-crowd, Jet set, Jeunesse doree, Market, Monde, Patronage, People of fashion, Polite society, Public, Purchasing public, Quality, Right people, Rural market, Salon, Smart set, Social register, Societe, Society, Suburban market, The Four Hundred, Trade, Upper, Upper class, Upper crust, Uppercut, World of fashion, Youth market

Meaning of Carriage trade & Carriage trade Definition