Definition of Carnet:

  1. See ATA Carnet.

  2. A customs permit allowing a motor vehicle to be taken across an international border for a limited period.

  3. A book of tickets for use on public transport in some countries.

Synonyms of Carnet

Authorization, Licence, Pass, Voucher, Ticket, Warrant, Document, Certification, Voucher, Token, Ticket, Document, Certificate, Carnet

How to use Carnet in a sentence?

  1. Renilson has also introduced other innovations such as more accessible timetables, buses every 10 minutes on urban corridors, carnets of tickets and add-on fares with ScotRail and Citylink.
  2. He has been accused of bribing and forging carnets, a type of customs document required for transit passage of land vehicles through certain countries.

Meaning of Carnet & Carnet Definition