Carmax Bank Draft

Carmax Bank Draft

How long does it take to pay a Carmax Cashier check? 3

I sold the car to them and wondered how long it would take to pay the cashier's check which they used to pay me after I submitted it.

It depends on many things. You, your bank, when you deposit, etc.

Deposits are usually made after 14:00. Accurate from next business day.

Ask Carmax if there is a local bank that will cash checks without notice. It can happen, but there is no guarantee.

Lastly, your check is a good check and your bank can tell you when all or part of it will be available.

It depends on your bank. Since this is a transaction between you and CarMaxs Bank, the bank decides how long it will take.

Most large banks settle accounts within 13 business days. If you have a credit union or a small local bank, this may take a week or more. If you accept money order, check with your bank. Only they know the answer.

Carmax Bank

At CarMax, you can't cash a check that needs to go to a money order. Depending on the issuing bank's information, processing may take days. Also, unlike on-demand scanning, retired nodes can be deleted, so they are not guaranteed.

Carmax Bank Draft

Carmax Bank Draft

Carmax uses banks like any other company. To get your money back fast, you need to go to the bank and get it. They will either delete it immediately or say it is not yet. Check transfer times are determined by your bank.

Usually 2 days.

Carmax Bank Draft