Carlos Ponce Net Worth

Carlos Ponce Net Worth

How much is Carlos Ponce worth?

Carlos Ponce Net Worth: Carlos Ponce is a Puerto Rican actor, singer, songwriter, and TV personality with a net worth of $ 8 million.

Having said that, what nationality is Carlos Ponce?

Puerto Rican AmericanIs Carlos Ponce married too?

Véronique Rubio M.

1996-2010Also, is Carlos Ponce Puerto Rican?

Carlos Ponce (born September 4, 1972 in Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican actor, singer, songwriter and television personality. Ponce went on to build his acting career by appearing in several American television series.

Where was Carlos Ponce born?

Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Who is Carlos Ponces' girlfriend?

See how Carlos Ponce's friend Karina Banda responded to her suggestion. No longer single: Carlos Ponce is engaged. Married actress must be: Karina Banda. Just over two years after the date started (and the brief breakup), the couple walks down the aisle.

Where does Lana de Silvana take place?

Production has begun on Miami's Silvana Sin Lana, a romantic comedy that will air on Telemundo at the end of the year. Telenovela tells the story of Silvana Chivis (Maritza Rodriguez of El Señor de los Cielos), a wealthy woman who loses everything and is forced to move to a working class neighborhood.

How many episodes does Silvana have in her Lana?


Who played Salvador in doubles?

Carlos Ponce played the role of Salvador, the uninhibited yoga teacher in the 2009 film with Vice Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis and Kristen Bell.

Is Ximena Duque married?

Jay Adkins M.


How Old Is Jay Adkins?

Brief summary Date of birth 15 July 1973 Age 46 7 months Nationality American Occupation Author Relationship situation Married

Carlos Ponce Net Worth