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Carid Canada

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So I found a website that had some headlights, taillights, and corner lights that I was going to order for my door, but I recently bought an American Halloween costume and paid my customs chargers only 80. The US dollar cost just over for 20. I think it's so high that the total cost is 49 1,491 and I wonder which chargers are for the heaviest and most expensive items because I don't want to be spoiled at all when they come here for a fee. . If one places an order through the site, the contribution will be huge.

Hello crane

I have an online site for Ford dealers. Due to the North American Alliance, you can provide websites at no extra international cost.

Due to your country's tax laws, you will have to pay customs duties to recover from the customs. I am here on Wednesday and we have a lot of customers checking embroidery and buying pieces there to go through customs.

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I have dealt with Carad in the past and some of the parts I received cost more in shipping and customs than the original parts. When you buy leather for the interior of your car, the clothes you usually drive are the same as the Ketkins leather and the Katskin in Kalia. . They started placing orders, so I had to pay a higher price for shipping, installing and reinstalling, which would cost me another five days, okay. If you cannot communicate with the manufacturer, do not place an order.

I placed the order by credit and if they send UPS to the United States, you will receive it at the border. You pay taxes and GST.

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