Carey Street

Carey Street,

Carey Street Meanings:

  • You are heavily indebted or bankrupt. It started at Carrie Street in London, where there is a bankruptcy court.

Literal Meanings of Carey Street


Meanings of Street:
  1. Ordinary roads in cities, usually houses and buildings on one or both sides.

  2. Used to show financial markets and activity on Wall Street.

  3. Municipality or municipal street or public place.

  4. About the ideas, values ​​or lifestyles of young people who are considered part of the urban fashion subculture.

  5. It refers to a homeless person.

  6. Show or show on the road.

  7. Very high.

  8. homeless.

  9. She worked as a prostitute.

Sentences of Street
  1. 45 Lake Street

  2. The presence of dogs made it impossible to cross roads and highways at night.

  3. Do you know how to walk the streets of my ruined city and see how much my city has fallen?

  4. The abundance of chewing gum on the country's roads and pathways forced me to climb walls.

  5. You have to make a conscious effort to familiarize yourself with the streets and alleys of the city.

  6. After chasing the city streets, he was caught driving a stolen car.

  7. There will be public marches on the streets of York in the coming weeks.

  8. There are chases in the city streets that will amaze you.

  9. City streets and highways across the country are dominated by laborers and the poor.

  10. It is usually located in the middle of the city, with wide streets and houses in big cities.

  11. You can find them in all the hostels and get a tour of our capital.

  12. This is the first time that many roads in the city have benefited from this type of service.

Synonyms of Street

thoroughfare, way