Definition of Carbon:

  1. Climate change releases carbon dioxide or other gaseous carbon compounds into the atmosphere.

  2. Elements in their pure form, such as graphite (the most well-known substance) and diamond (the hardest known substance), combine with other elements, such as limestone and limestone in rocks, carbon dioxide and asphalt in the atmosphere, Coal, hydrocarbon, natural gas and oil. . The chemistry of all living things is based on carbon and is an essential component of all life and all food. It has about ten million compounds due to its small atomic size and its tendency to combine with other atoms in many bonds. When a certain amount of iron is added, it produces a variety of steels and is used to control the hardness and strength of the metal. Although it is the most widely consumed element by humans, carbon represents only 0.02% of the Earth's crust by weight (including coal mines and oil / gas wells).

  3. The chemical element with atom number 6, a non-metal that has two main forms (diamond and graphite) and is also present in its impure form in coal, soot and coal. Arc lamp in carbon fiber carbon rod carbon paper or a perforator sheet.

Synonyms of Carbon

Transfer, Duplicate, Ash, Coal, Clinker, Ditto, Brand, Reek, Apograph, Peat, Butane, Benzine, Alcohol, Lava, Natural gas, Paraffin, Tracing, Hexane, Manifold, Ethanol, Oil, Soot, Inflammable material, Coom, Heptane, Fiche, Smudge, Briquette, Transcript, Isooctane, Turf, Propane, Combustible, Rocket fuel, Methanol, Fume, Inflammable, Jet fuel, Microform, Fuel additive, Propellant, Coke, Replica, Fireball, Calx, Cinder, Burnable, Gasoline, Flammable material, Rubbing, Flammable, Carbon copy, Methane, Octane, Charcoal, Transcription, Slag, Microcopy, Ethane, Dross, Sullage, Pentane, Gas, Fuel, Dope, Smoke, Kerosene, Recording, Firing, Reduplication, Tenor, Facsimile, Ashes, Fuel dope, Microfiche, Gas carbon, Smut, Replication, Scoria, Copy

How to use Carbon in a sentence?

  1. Combustion is a chemical process that involves carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
  2. The carbon content in the atmosphere is increasing.

Meaning of Carbon & Carbon Definition

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