Carbon cycle

Carbon cycle,

Definition of Carbon cycle:

  1. Sequence of processes through which carbon compounds move from one carbon reservoir or sink (such as forests and oceans) to another (such as atmosphere) and back. Since more carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and less is being fixed (converted into organic compounds through photosynthesis by plants) because of the destruction of tropical forests, the carbon cycle is in danger or being severely disrupted. International accords such as Kyoto protocol are trying to limit the production of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) through the imposition of emission controls.

How to use Carbon cycle in a sentence?

  1. Most global warming advocates misinterpret the carbon cycle model, to support their predictions that the earth is warming up due to human causes.
  2. One of the chief motivators in the development of the electric car was to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels so as to protect the delicate balance of the carbon cycle .
  3. Deforestation is very harmful to our natural environment, because it depletes natural processes and interrupts the carbon cycle , which is essential to abundant nature.

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