Caracteristicas Del Cuento Maravilloso

Caracteristicas Del Cuento Maravilloso

What are the characteristics of a beautiful story? ۔

Amazing story, TAMà N LAOS Mà GICOS is a traditional story ...

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The stories that have come before us are the stories of an unknown author from whom the story was transmitted. This function means that there are different versions of the same theme.

In fact, the stories were anonymous stories and holes that could be explained at home as well as stories for the ego ... adults or children. These are the stories that come to us from the authors who compiled them in books, such as Hindu Pancha (Ali Baba Oh Sindhabad 6).

There are also people in Europe who dedicate themselves to compiling short stories. In Spain, Don Juan Manuel did it in El Conde Lucanor in Italy, in Boccasio in L'Decameron in England, and in Chaucer in Los Quintos de Canterbury. All in the 14th century.

This tradition continued for centuries. In the 19th century, authors such as Brothers Graeme compiled stories into several volumes.

Vladimir Propp is a Russian scholar who devoted part of his education to the analysis of traditional stories. Read and compare many of them and their results in the book.

Property Wing

1. The characters in the story do the same thing: leaving home, passing exams ...

And those schemes are:

Invaders (Evil): Witch, Drag, Ogre, Dragon ...

Giver (magical personality): fairies, fairies ...

Hero: Prince, Princess ...

2. Preferences for boys 3 and 7: three girls, three little pigs ...

3. Repeat this process:

Get Dementia (Little Red Riding Hood)

Inquiry Information (Mirror, Mirror ...)

Victory in war

Relief washing

Symmetrical repetitions and scenes are too many:

(Blows up the wolf in the story of the pig)

Traditional stories are divided into sequences. Son of most characters:

Initial situation The story begins at a time and place (before ...)

The main character of the test will have to overcome a series of obstacles. In this block, Black comes into play.

Help The main character receives real or magical help from other characters. With them, he passed the exam successfully.

Outcome The central character achieves his goal. The end is always closed and happy. Usually used as a camouflage, ie social category (rich beggars are invited, maid ...)

Caracteristicas Del Cuento Maravilloso