Cara De Mau Ou Mal

Cara De Mau Ou Mal

Is my avatar's face bad or bad? ۔

Sad face

Want to know how to do it?

Case in Nesse © MAU with U is not final yet!


It depends on: Mao, or unlike the ■■■■, the ject adjective - "the goalkeeper always stays together becomes a noun -" and its feminine is bad (plural: bad and bad deeds):

Mall has the word beam after it and can be (1) adverb, in which case it is unchangeable and often occurs with a verb or adjective:

If he did wrong, that's fine.

So it's up to you.

MAU's unique avatar face is either he or BOM's opponent.

No, it's just ugly.

Cara De Mau Ou Mal