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Did I make car keys without copying? 3

I suddenly lost my car keys. And I have no alternative so I was wondering if I would give you my car VIN or anything, can you make a new copy for me? Or should I go to a dealer or something else? Because ... I bought my used car, and it's a 1990 Dodge Dy, so I'm not sure what to do ...

meDe can copy keys.

If you do not have the original, they will not be able to copy the key to you.

You need to go to a Dodge dealer who can usually generate a key for you with your VIN number.

Without a duplicate key you are practically out of place. The only option is to call a lock maker. Not even a dealer can help because every ten years he erases all the lock codes on his system. So there is no point in taking alcohol numbers.

You can copy a car key that does not use the chip in the key, regardless of the original you need.

So, no preparation

The only option is to go through a reseller and contact me for a copy.

If I have the original key, should I make a car key?

Maybe you want to buy a cool caravan and give it your keys. I will do this and go to college. Or, if that is not possible, you can leave some space in the cosmetic bag and stick it. As bad as PDKs (Public Key Displays) are, the last thing you want is to get in the car without them. :)

Call a lock maker and they can come to you in the van and put a new ignition and / or door lock on your car.

Try the dealer.

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