Car Alarm

Car Alarm,

Car Alarm: What is the Meaning of Car Alarm?

  1. Your car has an anti-theft device installed.

Literal Meanings of Car Alarm


Meanings of Car:
  1. A four-wheeled road vehicle that can carry a small number of people.

Sentences of Car
  1. He got in the car

Synonyms of Car

limo, motor, machine, hooptie, horseless carriage, jalopy, motor car, auto, wheels, automobile, crate, (old) ■■■■■■, heap


Meanings of Alarm:
  1. Terrible awareness of the danger

  2. Scare (someone), be upset or in danger.

  3. Equipped with alarm or safe.

Sentences of Alarm
  1. The boat capsized and the boatman sounded the alarm.

  2. The door is locked and the alarm goes off between 11 p.m. And 23h and 6h

Synonyms of Alarm

dismaying, terrifying, dismay, hair-raising, daunting, perturbing, trepidation, disturbing, scare, dreadful, apprehension, fluster, make someone's blood run cold, disconcerting, nervousness, agitate, monstrous, frightening, upsetting, disconcert, agitation, fear, ruffle, startling, petrifying, shocking, appalling, terrorize, work up