Definition of Capture:

  1. Take into ones possession or control by force.

  2. The action of capturing or of being captured.

  3. Accounting: Conversion of an authorized transaction into an invoiceable transaction when the goods are shipped or services are rendered to the customer.

  4. Computing: (1) Digitization of still or video pictures with special hardware and software. (2) Diversion of data from its source (such as a data port) to a networked device (such as a printer).

Synonyms of Capture

Catch, Apprehend, Seize, Arrest, Abduction, Acquire, Apprehend, Apprehension, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Bag, Be seized of, Bear the palm, ■■■■■, Bust, Carry, Carry away, Carry it, Carry off, Carry the day, Catch, Catching, Collar, Collaring, Come by, Come in for, Come into, Come out first, Contract, Corral, Coup, Derive, Drag down, Dragnet, Draw, Earn, Enter into possession, Finish in front, Fluke, Forcible seizure, Gain, Gain the day, Get, Grab, Grabbing, Harvest, Haul, Hold, Kidnapping, Lay hold of, Make, Make a killing, Make an arrest, Nab, Nabbing, Nail, Net, Netting, Nick, Obtain, Pick up, Picking up, Pinch, Power grab, Prehend, Prehension, Procure, Pull down, Put under arrest, Reap, Run in, Running in, Sack, Score, Secure, Seize, Seizure, Seizure of power, Snatch, Snatching, Take, Take captive, Take hold of, Take in, Take into custody, Take prisoner, Take the cake, Taking, Taking in, Taking into custody, Win, Win out, Win the battle, Win the laurels, Win the palm, Win the prize, Win through, Arrest, Apprehension, Seizure, Being trapped, Being taken prisoner, Being taken captive, Being taken into custody, Imprisonment, Being imprisoned

How to use Capture in a sentence?

  1. The Russians captured 13,000 men.
  2. He was killed while resisting capture.

Meaning of Capture & Capture Definition

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