Captive Value Added (CVA)

Captive Value Added (CVA),

Captive Value Added (CVA) means,

  1. The organization will reap financial benefits by participating in the captive breeding program as shareholders and / or insurers. The formal approach to calculating the CVA to determine the organization's own contribution to organizational loyalty uses a program cost comparison with the net current cost (NPV). H. Increase in capacity as well as cost after tax as compared to auto insurance or commercial insurance. Value-added approaches can also be used to identify thematic and objective benefits.

  2. A simple definition of Captive Value Added (CVA) is: Economic benefits for organizations that participate in the captive breeding program as shareholders and / or policyholders. A net current cost (NPV) program cost comparison is used to calculate the CVA to determine the organization's own contribution to the organization's sustainability in a formal manner. H. To show the effect of training as well as to reduce post-tax costs as compared to self-insurance. Or the value-added approach can be used to identify the thematic and objective benefits of commercial insurance.

Literal Meanings of Captive Value Added (CVA)


Meanings of Captive:
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Meanings of Added:
  1. Improvement or quality improvement or designation of factors.


Meanings of CVA:
  1. Stroke, paralysis.

  2. Company voluntary agreement.

Sentences of CVA
  1. Common causes of stroke are thrombosis, embolism, or anemia.