Definition of Caption:

  1. Brief description, heading, or title that identifies or introduces a document, graphic, photograph, or table.

Synonyms of Caption

Banner, Banner head, Drop head, Dropline, Epigraph, Hanger, Head, Head up, Heading, Headline, Jump head, Legend, Motto, Overline, Rubric, Running head, Running title, Scarehead, Screamer, Spread, Spreadhead, Streamer, Subhead, Subheading, Subtitle, Superscription, Title, Title page, Underline

How to use Caption in a sentence?

  1. The caption underneath the picture in the local newspaper did not give the names of all the people who were shown.
  2. I considered including a caption to help people who were not able to understand the complex and unique language I used.
  3. Image 1 is not a suitable caption for our newspapers main graphic, as it tells readers absolutely nothing about the story or the context of the image.

Meaning of Caption & Caption Definition