Capped-rate Meanings:

  1. Capped-rate refers to Interest rates, usually for loans, may not exceed the upper limit, but may be lower than that.

Literal Meanings of Capped-rate


Meanings of Capped:
  1. Install the core or cover.

  2. Get a proper height or conclusion.

  3. Limit or limit (price, expense or credit)

  4. Selected as a member of specific sports teams, especially the national team.

  5. Bachelor's degree

  6. A kind of flat, soft hat, almost always pointed.

  7. Safety issues or items such as bottles for the cover, pen indicators or camera lenses.

  8. Expenses or borrowing limits.

  9. Contraceptive diaphragm.

  10. The upper part of the protruding body consists mainly of mushrooms and toad stools, with cells and gills or pores.

  11. Summary for percussion cap

  12. Joint Agricultural Policy.

Sentences of Capped
  1. Combing pen

  2. The crown of an unforgettable season with the title of Champions Champion

  3. City limited budget

  4. Voted ten times by England

  5. Kate Eger was invited to teach at Christchurch Girls' High School while studying for a master's degree at Canterbury College and was appointed in 1882.

  6. A man in a raincoat and flat hat

  7. Increased spending limits for municipalities

  8. Coral mushrooms have no lids, but the body of a fruit is made of branched grapes.

  9. So before you buy a shotgun or swing ball for your child, there are some precautions you should take.

Synonyms of Capped

select, be a fitting climax to, upper limit, ceiling, perfect, complete, choose, round off, restrict, bung, cork, pick, include, crown, put the finishing touches to, put the finishing touch to, keep within bounds, lid, spile, put a ceiling on, top, set a limit on, stopper, limit


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Set a pattern or value for a particular scale (object).

  2. Think of it as a particular quality, standard or area.

  3. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or unit of measure.

  4. Scolding (someone) in anger

Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.

  2. This program is considered very successful.

  3. Promotion price

Synonyms of Rate

hold to be, tariff, evaluate, appraise, compute, think to be, calculate, adjudge, amount, value, reckon to be, deem to be, price, put a value on, measure, figure, weigh up, gauge, outlay, hire, estimate, consider to be, cost, judge to be, fare