What is Capitation?

  • One method of compensation is sometimes used by health insurers, in which healthcare providers pay each patient, not every service. For example, an HMO Rewarding Therapist may receive a fixed amount each month to act as a general practitioner for the various HMO members assigned to care for, regardless of how much each member receives. How much or how little care is needed.

  • A simple definition of Capitation is: A system in which the HMO pays a monthly fee to the doctor or hospital for the care of each participant involved in the health plan, whether services are provided or not.

  • Capitation refers to A form of payment for health services in which a doctor or hospital receives a fixed amount per person, regardless of the actual amount of services provided to each individual.

Synonyms of Capitation

assessment , bite , fine , rate , tariff , duty , imposition , cost , levy , expense , salvage , dues , custom , contribution , brokerage , price , tribute , toll , pork barrel , obligation , excise , giveaway , tithe , impost , towage


What Does Capitation Mean?

  • The method of payment in which the doctor or hospital receives a fixed amount for each individual, regardless of the frequency or nature of the service.