Capitalized Lease

Capitalized Lease,

Capitalized Lease means,

  • Capitalized Lease can be defined as, LEASE includes the acquisition of ASENTS as well as TENANT's OBLigationsS.

Literal Meanings of Capitalized Lease


Meanings of Capitalized:
  1. Written in capital letters (of words or letters).

  2. Fund (through a company or financial institution).

Sentences of Capitalized
  1. Caption with capital letters

  2. Running a company with less capital and more profit is very risky


Meanings of Lease:
  1. Rent subsidy (property).

  2. An agreement under which one of the parties transfers land, land, services, etc. Second party fixed term payments, usually in exchange for regular payments.

Sentences of Lease
  1. Rent a website from a local business

  2. Six months rent in a store

Synonyms of Lease

rent out, hire agreement, farm out, hire out, leasehold, hire, rent, charter, contract, rental agreement, sublet, sublease, charge for the use of