Definition of Capital:

  1. Used to express approval, satisfaction, or delight.

  2. The most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center.A place associated more than any other with a specified activity or product.

  3. Capital is a term for financial assets, such as funds held in deposit accounts and/or funds obtained from special financing sources. Capital can also be associated with capital assets of a company that requires significant amounts of capital to finance or expand.

  4. Capital can be held through financial assets or raised from debt or equity financing. Businesses will typically focus on three types of business capital: working capital, equity capital, and debt capital. In general, business capital is a core part of running a business and financing capital intensive assets.

  5. Wealth in the form of money or assets, taken as a sign of the financial strength of an individual, organization, or nation, and assumed to be available for development or investment.

  6. Economics: Factors of production that are used to create goods or services and are not themselves in the process.

  7. (of a letter of the alphabet) large in size and of the form used to begin sentences and names.

  8. (of an offense or charge) liable to the death penalty.

  9. Excellent.

  10. Accounting: Money invested in a business to generate income.

  11. A letter of the size and form used to begin sentences and names.

  12. Wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available or contributed for a particular purpose such as starting a company or investing.

Synonyms of Capital

Money, Finance, Finances, Funds, The wherewithal, The means, Assets, Wealth, Resources, Reserves, Deep pockets, Stock, Principal, Capital letter, Upper-case letter, Block capital, Grade A, Abecedarian, Ability, Acmatic, Advantageous, All-absorbing, Allographic, Alphabetic, Apical, Arch, Art center, Ascender, Assets, Auspicious, Available means, Back, Balance, Banner, Basic, Bastard type, Beard, Belly, Beneficial, Benevolent, Bevel, Black letter, Body, Bon, Bonny, Bracket capital, Braw, Bueno, Cap, Capacity, Capital city, Capital gains distribution, Capital goods, Capital structure, Capitalization, Cardinal, Case, Cash, Central, Champion, Chief, Choice, Circulating capital, Cock, Cogent, Commendable, Consummate, Controlling, Cornice, Corpus, Counter, County seat, County site, County town, Crown, Crowning, Dandy, Descender, Devices, Disposable resources, Dominant, Elegant, Em, En, Equity capital, Essential, Estimable, Excellent, Expedient, Extraordinary, Face, Fair, Famous, Fat-faced type, Favorable, Feet, Finances, Financial, Fine, First, First-class, First-rate, First-string, Fiscal, Fixed capital, Flagrant, Floating capital, Focal, Font, Foremost, Fund, Fundamental, Funds, Garment center, Glaring, Good, Goodly, Grand, Graphemic, Great, Grist, Groove, Gross, Head, Headmost, Healthy, Hegemonic, Helpful, Highest, Holdings, Ideographic, Important, Initial, Italic, Kind, Laudable, Leading, Letter, Lettered, Lexigraphic, Ligature, Liquid assets, Literal, Logogrammatic, Logographic, Logotype, Lower case, Lower-case, Magisterial, Main, Major, Majuscule, Manufacturing center, Master, Matchless, Maximal, Maximum, Mean, Means, Medical center, Meridian, Meridional, Method, Metropolis, Minuscular, Minuscule, Monetary, Money, Moneyed capital, Nice, Nick, Noble, Number one, Numismatic, Nummary, Outstanding, Overmost, Overriding, Overruling, Paramount, Pecuniary, Peerless, Pi, Pica, Pictographic, Pleasant, Point, Power, Predominant, Preeminent, Premier, Preponderant, Prevailing, Primal, Primary, Prime, Principal, Print, Profitable, Property, Railroad center, Rank, Ranking, Recourses, Regal, Resorts, Resource, Resources, Ripping, Roman, Royal, Ruling, Sans serif, Savings, Script, Seat, Seat of government, Select, Shank, Shipping center, Shire town, Shopping center, Shoulder, Skillful, Small cap, Small capital, Smashing, Sound, Sovereign, Splendid, Stamp, Star, Stellar, Stem, Sterling, Stock, Summital, Sumptuary, Super, Superb, Supereminent, Superior, Supply, Supreme, Tip-top, Top, Top-hole, Top-notch, Topflight, Topmost, Topping, Tourist center, Trade center, Transliterated, Type, Type body, Type class, Type lice, Typecase, Typeface, Typefounders, Typefoundry, Ultimate, Uncial, Underlying, Upmost, Upper case, Upper-case, Uppermost, Urban center, Useful, Valid, Venture capital, Vertical, Very good, Virtuous, Vital, Ways, Ways and means, Wealth, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Working capital, Zenithal, Upper-case, Block, First city, Most important city, Seat of government, Centre of administration

How to use Capital in a sentence?

  1. He wrote the name in capitals.
  2. Warsaw is the capital of Poland.
  3. The four major types of capital include debt, equity, trading, and working capital.
  4. Rates of return on invested capital were high.
  5. Assuming the piece is publishable, my name will be in there with a few names with a capital N.
  6. The small business owner needed to find an investment firm that was willing to give him the needed capital to rent the building he wanted to put his business in.
  7. Financing capital usually comes with a cost.
  8. He was trying to raise enough capital for his start-up business so that he could start producing widgets by July of this year.
  9. I have invested all of my capital in long term investments, hoping to make my retirement funds more secure.
  10. Companies must decide which types of capital financing to use as parts of their capital structure.
  11. Murder was a capital crime.
  12. Capital is a term for financial assets, such as funds held in deposit accounts and funds obtained from special financing sources.

Meaning of Capital & Capital Definition