Definition of Capital:

  1. It is used to indicate approval, satisfaction or happiness.

  2. The central city of a country or region, usually the seat of government and administration, a place that is more connected to others through a particular activity or product.

  3. Capital is a term used to describe financial assets such as funds held in savings accounts and / or funds from certain sources of financing. Capital can also be tied to the company's fixed assets, which require significant capital to finance and grow.

  4. Capital can be maintained through financial assets or debt or equity financing. Companies typically focus on three types of business capital: working capital, equity and debt. Typically, business capital is centered on the operation and financing of capital assets.

  5. Wealth in the form of wealth or wealth, which is seen as a symbol of financial strength of an individual, organization or nation and is available for development or investment.

  6. Economy: Productive factors that are used to make goods or services and do not involve themselves in the process.

  7. (Alphabet) is designed to start with a capital letter and a sentence and name.

  8. Convicted (crime or charge) with death.

  9. Exceptional.

  10. Accounting: The amount invested in a company for the purpose of earning revenue.

  11. Font size and sentence format and name start.

  12. Assets in the form of money or other assets that belong to an individual or organization are either available or have participated in a particular purpose, for example. B. To start a business or to invest.

Synonyms of Capital

Transliterated, Point, Small cap, Braw, Assets, Most important city, Back, Graphemic, Letter, Lower-case, Overriding, Floating capital, Famous, Deep pockets, Seat of government, Goodly, Logographic, County town, Very good, Cogent, Resorts, Script, Maximum, Medical center, Typefoundry, Ideographic, Resource, Supereminent, Main, Uppermost, First city, Leading, Underlying, Cock, Fund, Good, Money, Wherewith, Capital letter, En, Topflight, Lexigraphic, Capital structure, Smashing, Bracket capital, The wherewithal, Ways and means, Banner, Upper case, Nick, Kind, Supply, Italic, Small capital, Face, Stem, Tip-top, Prevailing, Skillful, First, Pleasant, Grade A, Flagrant, All-absorbing, Arch, Master, Print, Nice, Font, Ultimate, Finances, Corpus, Majuscule, Typecase, Laudable, Typeface, Cap, Useful, Manufacturing center, Bonny, Pica, Fair, Resources, Super, Bevel, Black letter, County seat, Beard, Regal, Noble, Money, Champion, Nummary, Numismatic, Literal, Capital city, Abecedarian, Maximal, Controlling, Ways, Logotype, Railroad center, Ascender, Available means, Sovereign, Zenithal, Upper-case, Means, Top-notch, Venture capital, Wealth, Ability, Fundamental, Feet, Pi, Wealth, Circulating capital, Case, Upper-case letter, Advantageous, Roman, First-class, Reserves, Splendid, Commendable, Primary, Type lice, Supreme, Shank, Superior, Power, Capital gains distribution, Paramount, Allographic, Type, Capacity, Counter, Cardinal, Basic, Benevolent, Seat of government, Alphabetic, Star, Initial, Principal, Choice, Fixed capital, Finance, Royal, Head, Em, Rank, Peerless, Minuscule, Lettered, First-rate, Monetary, Superb, Body, Bon, Excellent, Devices, Sound, Moneyed capital, Matchless, Capitalization, Grand, Shire town, Upmost, Financial, Healthy, Helpful, Pecuniary, Extraordinary, Garment center, Finances, Pictographic, Upper-case, Fiscal, Summital, Crown, Cornice, Preponderant, Essential, Favorable, First-string, Valid, Consummate, Logogrammatic, Liquid assets, Seat, Grist, County site, Mean, Groove, Premier, Resources, Chief, Foremost, Art center, Number one, Stock, Centre of administration, Trade center, Hegemonic, Sumptuary, Working capital, Important, Ripping, Block capital, Metropolis, Outstanding, Equity capital, Headmost, Estimable, Expedient, Block, Stock, Wherewithal, Apical, Major, Tourist center, Fine, Acmatic, Vital, Minuscular, Balance, Stellar, Funds, Focal, Ranking, Highest, Uncial, Dominant, Great, Prime, Central, Select, Shoulder, Belly, Meridian, Recourses, Shopping center, Assets, Descender, Type body, Principal, Method, Predominant, Type class, Overruling, Beneficial, Funds, Stamp, Profitable, Top, Holdings, The means, Bastard type, Gross, Overmost, Virtuous, Top-hole, Crowning, Vertical, Disposable resources, Urban center, Meridional, Magisterial, Lower case, Preeminent, Glaring, Capital goods, Dandy, Ruling, Shipping center, Cash, Typefounders, Topping, Topmost, Primal, Sterling, Savings, Property, Bueno, Elegant, Sans serif, Ligature, Fat-faced type, Auspicious

How to use Capital in a sentence?

  1. He wrote the name in capital letters.
  2. Warsaw is the capital of Poland.
  3. The four main types of equity are debt, equity, trade and working capital.
  4. Higher return on investment capital.
  5. Assuming the article is ready for publication, my name will appear there with a big name and some names.
  6. The small business owner should find an investment company that is willing to lease the capital to rent the building where he wants to keep his business.
  7. Financing is usually associated with expenses.
  8. He is trying to raise enough funds for his start to start preparing widgets in July this year.
  9. I invested all my money in long-term investments to make my retirement savings more secure.
  10. Companies need to decide how they will use equity financing as part of their capital structure.
  11. Murder was a serious crime.
  12. Capital is a term used for financial assets such as B funds are held in savings accounts and funds are held from certain sources of finance.

Meaning of Capital & Capital Definition