Capital gain

Capital gain,

Definition of Capital gain:

  1. Profit realized from the sale (disposal) of a capital asset, or from holding it during a period when its market value is increasing. Such gains usually attract capital gains tax.

  2. A profit from the sale of property or an investment.

How to use Capital gain in a sentence?

  1. A tax is imposed when individuals part with an asset and make capital gains on it.
  2. I realized the capital gain tax was much less than we would be paying if we were not insistent on having our money invested at all times.
  3. When you sell something that is very expensive you hope to get the highest capital gain that you can get.
  4. If you want to know how much you made off of a big sale just look at the capital gain to find out.

Meaning of Capital gain & Capital gain Definition

Capital Gain,

What is The Definition of Capital Gain?

  1. Capital Gain can be defined as, The acquisition of capital is an increase in the value of fixed assets. This is considered when the asset is sold. The capital gain can be short term (one year or less) or long term (more than one year) and income tax will have to be deducted.

  2. The value of an asset sold is higher than the actual purchase price.

Literal Meanings of Capital Gain


Meanings of Capital:
  1. The central city of a country or region, usually the seat of government and administration, a place that is more connected to others through a particular activity or product.

  2. Assets in the form of money or other assets that belong to an individual or organization are either available or have participated in a particular purpose, for example. B. Start a business or invest.

  3. Font size and sentence format and name start.

  4. Death penalty (crime or charge)

  5. (Alphabet) is designed to start with a capital letter and a sentence and name.

  6. Exceptional.

  7. It is used to indicate approval, satisfaction or happiness.

  8. The spoken part is usually wider in the column or at the top of the column.

Sentences of Capital
  1. Warsaw is the capital of Poland

  2. Higher return on investment capital

  3. Write the name in capital letters

  4. Murder was a serious crime

  5. Assuming the article is ready for publication, my name will appear there along with a capital N.

  6. Hollow column capitalized

Synonyms of Capital

upper-case, first city, capital letter, finance, block capital, deep pockets, money, most important city, resources, reserves, block, principal, wealth, seat of government, funds, the means, centre of administration, finances, assets, stock, upper-case letter, the wherewithal


Meanings of Gain:
  1. Accept or guarantee (something desirable, affordable or profitable)

  2. Increase in quantity or speed (anything, usually weight or speed)

Sentences of Gain
  1. This process won the trust of the industry

  2. I have lost weight over the years

  3. The mayor is accused of using civic funds for personal gain

Synonyms of Gain

advantage, yield, receipts, secure, income, dividend, gather, attain, reap, winnings, come by, return, procure, reward, interest, takings, acquire, put on, get, proceeds, add on, achieve, build up, profit, capture, win, carry off, earn, benefit

Capital Gain,

How To Define Capital Gain?

Capital Gain can be defined as, Profits from the sale of assets that add value. Capital gains are taxed cheaper than normal income.

Capital Gain can be defined as, Take advantage of investment features such as selling or exchanging stocks or real estate.

Literal Meanings of Capital Gain


Synonyms of Gain

increase in, percentage, emolument, clinch, obtain, earnings, pick up