Capital cost

Capital cost,

Definition of Capital cost:

  1. A cost deriving from, or forming part of, capital expenditure.

  2. One-time setup cost of a plant or project, after which there will only be recurring operational or running costs.

How to use Capital cost in a sentence?

  1. You need to know what the capital cost of any new buy will be so that you know if you can afford it or not.
  2. The capital cost of the start firms construction project were exceeding their budget, and they had to seek out investments fromantic investors.
  3. The capital cost incurred by XYZ in constructing its new production facility will be depreciated over time thereby avoiding a significant one time expense against its current revenues.

Meaning of Capital cost & Capital cost Definition

Capital Cost,

Capital Cost Definition:

  • Capital Cost refers to Once the purchase of a physical item, such as a factory, equipment, buildings or land.

Literal Meanings of Capital Cost


Meanings of Capital:
  1. The central city of a country or region, usually the seat of government and administration, a place that is more connected to others through a particular activity or product.

  2. Assets in the form of money or other assets that belong to an individual or organization are either available or have participated in a particular purpose, for example. B. To start a business or to invest.

  3. Font size and sentence format and name start.

  4. Convicted (crime or charge) with death.

  5. (Alphabet) is designed to start with a capital letter and a sentence and name.

  6. Exceptional.

  7. It is used to indicate approval, satisfaction or happiness.

  8. The spoken part is usually wider in the column or at the top of the column.

Sentences of Capital
  1. Warsaw is the capital of Poland

  2. Higher return on investment capital

  3. Write the name in capital letters

  4. Murder was a serious crime

  5. Assuming the article is ready for publication, it also shows a capital N with some names along with my name.

  6. Capitals of the Cast Pillar

Synonyms of Capital

first city, most important city, seat of government, centre of administration, money, finance, finances, funds, the wherewithal, the means, assets, wealth, resources, reserves, deep pockets, stock, principal, capital letter, upper-case letter, block capital, upper-case


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (a sum of money) is required before the acquisition or realization of (an item or action).

  2. The amount that must be paid or spent to buy or receive something.

Synonyms of Cost

be priced at, sell for, be valued at, fetch, come to, amount to, be, value, price, put a price on, put a value on, put a figure on, estimate the cost of, estimate the price of, evaluate, asking price, market price, selling price, fee, tariff, fare