Capelli In Inglese Singolare O Plurale

Capelli In Inglese Singolare O Plurale

انگریزی میں (capelli) vuole il singolare ya plurale? ۔

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Your hair is very cold


Is your hair very beautiful?

Io Credo La Perma Ma Noon Sono Sekura.

First thanks :)


I hate it when I'm out of tune.


Per² Meu Avete to the veneire Leader of the dictionary..ora vedo vai

Hair means capillary, chiuma, capigliatura and strictly singular. Please check your HAIR dictionary to check out lesattezza della mia informazione.

I must be rude to Qualcono. Data per Prima la Resposta Giosta and Sono Lenica, Tra Coili Chi Hano Correct Resposto, Ad Ever Iutopoulos GI. Wabbè, non si può piacere a tutti ... me ne will make una yeastone :)

No, invisible, with hair always the only one for English HAIR means capillary and not capillary ... query the whole sentence: your hair is very cold ...

You can use the use of hair for singles that are plural ...

Leonica difference

Ball = Capley

Hair = fur

The most important thing in the haircuts of the hair follicles is the singular ...

> Your hair is very fresh.


Your hair is so cool! :)

Capelli In Inglese Singolare O Plurale