Definition of Cap:

  1. This means cape percussion.

  2. Rise or closing agreement.

  3. Spending limits or other activities.

  4. Covers safety items or items such as bottles, indicators or camera lenses.

  5. Covers or covers the space.

  6. Most fungi and frogs have broad fruit upper bodies, with stems and throats or holes.

  7. Set limits or limits (prices, fees or other activities).

  8. A kind of flat, soft hat with no edges and usually a guard.

  9. (Informal) As a recipe

  10. The upper limit of something like the interest rate. In contrast, the lower limit is the destination.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Cap


Synonyms of Cap

Type, Close up, Best, Get through with, Cock-and-pinch, Vertex, Ceil, Complete, Return the compliment, Top out, Climax, Excel, Print, Logotype, Complete, Hat, Get done, Overlay, Groove, Bevel, Overcast, Descender, Sun hat, Sans serif, Summit, Stocking, Limit, Tam, Heaven, Maximum, Culminate, Restrict, Pith helmet, Opera hat, Tyrolean hat, Get it over, Priming, Operculum, Shirt, Overbalance, Overtop, Campaign hat, Perfect, Top, Topper, Pose, Boot, Wind up, Wind-cutter, Wide-awake, Primer, Put a ceiling on, Pinhead, Surpass, Feet, Bearskin, Lid, Pi, Nick, Shoulder, Confuse, Apex, Outweigh, Overpass, Finish, Crest, Upper extremity, Sombrero, Round out, Type body, Put the finishing touch to, Predominate, Script, Percussion cap, Bracket capital, Return the like, High noon, Wrap up, Busby, Fez, Put the finishing touches to, Stumble, Shoe, Lex talionis, Dome, Highest point, Pillbox, Trilby, Better, Back, Bewilder, Italic, Roof in, Ceiling, Mobcap, Crown, Spile, Typecase, Top hat, Detonator, Headcloth, Stem, Fantail, Headwear, Fulminating mercury, Conclude, Outtop, Cloche, Lower case, En, Bung, Headtire, Cap, Fat-faced type, Point, Black letter, Befog, Millinery, Uppermost, Cob, Crown, Capsheaf, Kelly, Beret, Pinnacle, Ridge, Cork, Ne plus ultra, Peaked cap, Counter, Tip-top, Chapeau, Typefounders, Go one better, Set a limit on, Stetson, Castor, Overseas cap, Culmen, Mortarboard, Stovepipe, Cornice, Sundown, Balaclava helmet, Finish up, Overarch, Body, Beaver, Frost, Headdress, Limit, Fuse, Gown, Cloud nine, Astrakhan, Zenith, Bastard type, Cloak, Prevail, Leghorn, Very top, Overcome, Minuscule, Roman, Jacket, Silk hat, Stopper, Get through, Derby, Repay in kind, Button up, Sky, Ice, Perfect, Baseball cap, Face, Sunbonnet, Roof, Headgear, Mop up, Typefoundry, Top, Give in kind, Mantle, Tower over, Confound, Capote, Clean up, Acme, Noon, Exceed, Capital, Topee, Stopper, Type lice, Letter, Top off, Font, Heading, Carry to completion, Hood, Frock, Boater, Seventh heaven, Sock, Turban, Homburg, Jockey cap, Nightcap, Sailor, Pole, Ten-gallon hat, Upmost, Utmost, Bowler, Trump, Picture hat, Balmoral, Small capital, Poke, Electric detonator, Yarmulka, Shovel hat, Detonating powder, Improve on, Finalize, Overspread, Case, Bonnet, Cork, Belly, Slouch hat, Coat, Pica, End, Beany, Chapeau bras, Puggree, Limit, Lid, Hard hat, Perplex, Mercury fulminate, Squib, Round off, Culmination, Surmount, Coverchief, Kepi, Scraper, Overbear, Typeface, Majuscule, Breech, Headpiece, Pitch, Shank, Calash, Salvation Army bonnet, Small cap, Close out, Brass hat, Helmet, Em, Spire, Stamp, Ligature, Pass, Tower above, Topknot, Apogee, Pith hat, Upper case, Heavens, Extreme limit, Cover, Keep within bounds, Plug, Upper limit, Skullcap, Panama hat, Brow, No place higher, Height, Porkpie, Dutch cap, Edge, Preponderate, Snood, Head, Tin hat, Exploder, Kaffiyeh, Outstrip, Blasting cap, Wimple, Meridian, Blanket, Peak, Panama, Outshine, Coif, Primacord, Rumal, Mountaintop, Highest pitch, Kerchief, Transcend, Extremity, Sun helmet, Match, Be a fitting climax to, Beard, Handkerchief, Coxcomb, Finish off, Tip, Caput, Ascender, Terminate, Type class, Consummate

How to use Cap in a sentence?

  1. Government procurement limits.
  2. The council's budget is limited.
  3. Coral mushrooms have no cover, but their fruit bodies are made of branched grapes.
  4. Glass bottle with screw cap.
  5. He ended the unforgettable season by becoming the champion.
  6. He stopped the questioner.
  7. A man in a raincoat and a flat hat.
  8. So, be careful before buying this jumping hat or ball gun for your child.

Meaning of Cap & Cap Definition

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What Does Cap Mean?

An agreement in which the seller is required to pay the buyer, each payment is based on the amount by which the reference price (or rate) or performance (or value) of one or more basic interest rates precedes Exceeds the set amount, sometimes called the strike price or strike price.

Meanings of Cap

  1. Install the core or cover.

  2. Get a proper height or conclusion.

  3. Set limits or restrictions (prices, expenses or other activities)

  4. A type of flat, flexible cover, usually with a visor.

  5. Safety issues or items such as covers, bottles, pen indicators or camera lenses.

  6. The large upper part of the proliferating body consists mainly of cells and venomous mushrooms, with stems and throat or pores.

  7. Summary for bump cap

  8. Joint Agricultural Policy.

Sentences of Cap

  1. Pen comb

  2. Win the title and get the crown of unforgettable season

  3. City limited budget

  4. A man in a raincoat and flat hat

  5. Coral mushrooms have no lids, but the body of a fruit is made of branched grapes.

  6. So before you buy a shotgun or swing ball for your child, there are some precautions you should take.


What is The Definition of Cap?

  • Definition of Cap: An agreement in which the seller is required to pay the buyer, each payment is based on the amount by which one or more basic interest rate benchmarks (or rates) or performance (or prices) are defaulted. Exceeds the amount, sometimes it is also called interest rate, or defeat.


What is Cap?

  • A simple definition of Cap is: An agreement that requires the seller to pay the buyer, each payment based on the amount by which the benchmark (or rate) or performance (or value) of one or more basic interest rates is predetermined. Is more than the amount paid, which is sometimes called the rate. Of exercise or ■■■■■■.

Meanings of Cap

  1. A kind of flat, soft cap, usually with a tip.

  2. Most mushrooms and mushroom-bearing upper body are broad, in the stem and with throat or holes.

  3. Abbreviation for Percussion Cap.

  4. Use a cape or cap.

  5. Provide an appropriate ■■■■■■ or result.

  6. Selected as a member of a specific sports team, specifically the national team.

  7. Give a university degree.

Sentences of Cap

  1. Expenditure limits for municipalities have increased.

  2. Crowned an unforgettable season with the title of Champions of the Champions

Synonyms of Cap

covering, check, pick, choose, ferrule, curb, give someone the nod, peg, control, include, stopple, select