Definition of Cap:

  1. Short for percussion cap.

  2. Provide a fitting climax or conclusion to.

  3. An upper limit imposed on spending or other activities.

  4. A protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle, the point of a pen, or a camera lens.

  5. Put a lid or cover on.

  6. The broad upper part of the fruiting body of most mushrooms and toadstools, at the top of a stem and bearing gills or pores.

  7. Place a limit or restriction on (prices, expenditure, or other activity).

  8. A kind of soft, flat hat without a brim and typically with a visor.

  9. (informal) Same as capitalisation.

  10. An upper limit placed on something, such as an interest rate. The opposite, i.e. a lower limit, is a floor).

Phonetic Pronunciation of Cap


Synonyms of Cap

Set a limit on, Put a ceiling on, Limit, Restrict, Keep within bounds, Lid, Top, Stopper, Cork, Bung, Spile, Balmoral, Dutch cap, Panama, Panama hat, Salvation Army bonnet, Stetson, Acme, Apex, Apogee, Ascender, Astrakhan, Back, Balaclava helmet, Baseball cap, Bastard type, Beany, Beard, Bearskin, Beaver, Befog, Belly, Beret, Best, Better, Bevel, Bewilder, Black letter, Blanket, Blasting cap, Boater, Body, Bonnet, Boot, Bowler, Bracket capital, Brass hat, Breech, Brow, Busby, Button up, Calash, Campaign hat, Cap, Capital, Capote, Capsheaf, Caput, Carry to completion, Case, Castor, Ceil, Chapeau, Chapeau bras, Clean up, Climax, Cloak, Cloche, Close out, Close up, Cloud nine, Coat, Cob, Cock-and-pinch, Coif, Complete, Conclude, Confound, Confuse, Consummate, Cork, Cornice, Counter, Cover, Coverchief, Coxcomb, Crest, Crown, Culmen, Culminate, Culmination, Derby, Descender, Detonating powder, Detonator, Dome, Edge, Electric detonator, Em, En, End, Exceed, Excel, Exploder, Extreme limit, Extremity, Face, Fantail, Fat-faced type, Feet, Fez, Finalize, Finish, Finish off, Finish up, Font, Frock, Frost, Fulminating mercury, Fuse, Get done, Get it over, Get through, Get through with, Give in kind, Go one better, Gown, Groove, Handkerchief, Hard hat, Hat, Head, Headcloth, Headdress, Headgear, Heading, Headpiece, Headtire, Headwear, Heaven, Heavens, Height, Helmet, High noon, Highest pitch, Highest point, Homburg, Hood, Ice, Improve on, Italic, Jacket, Jockey cap, Kaffiyeh, Kelly, Kepi, Kerchief, Leghorn, Letter, Lex talionis, Lid, Ligature, Limit, Logotype, Lower case, Majuscule, Mantle, Match, Maximum, Mercury fulminate, Meridian, Millinery, Minuscule, Mobcap, Mop up, Mortarboard, Mountaintop, Ne plus ultra, Nick, Nightcap, No place higher, Noon, Opera hat, Operculum, Outshine, Outstrip, Outtop, Outweigh, Overarch, Overbalance, Overbear, Overcast, Overcome, Overlay, Overpass, Overseas cap, Overspread, Overtop, Pass, Peak, Peaked cap, Percussion cap, Perfect, Perplex, Pi, Pica, Picture hat, Pillbox, Pinhead, Pinnacle, Pitch, Pith hat, Pith helmet, Plug, Point, Poke, Pole, Porkpie, Pose, Predominate, Preponderate, Prevail, Primacord, Primer, Priming, Print, Puggree, Repay in kind, Return the compliment, Return the like, Ridge, Roman, Roof, Roof in, Round out, Rumal, Sailor, Sans serif, Scraper, Script, Seventh heaven, Shank, Shirt, Shoe, Shoulder, Shovel hat, Silk hat, Skullcap, Sky, Slouch hat, Small cap, Small capital, Snood, Sock, Sombrero, Spire, Squib, Stamp, Stem, Stocking, Stopper, Stovepipe, Stumble, Summit, Sun hat, Sun helmet, Sunbonnet, Sundown, Surmount, Surpass, Tam, Ten-gallon hat, Terminate, Tin hat, Tip, Tip-top, Top, Top hat, Top off, Top out, Topee, Topknot, Topper, Tower above, Tower over, Transcend, Trilby, Trump, Turban, Type, Type body, Type class, Type lice, Typecase, Typeface, Typefounders, Typefoundry, Tyrolean hat, Upmost, Upper case, Upper extremity, Uppermost, Utmost, Vertex, Very top, Wide-awake, Wimple, Wind up, Wind-cutter, Wrap up, Yarmulka, Zenith, Limit, Upper limit, Ceiling, Round off, Crown, Be a fitting climax to, Put the finishing touch to, Put the finishing touches to, Perfect, Complete

How to use Cap in a sentence?

  1. A cap on government purchases.
  2. Council budgets will be capped.
  3. Coral mushrooms do not have caps but instead have a fruiting body of branched clusters.
  4. A glass bottle with a screw cap.
  5. He capped a memorable season by becoming champion.
  6. He capped his pen.
  7. A man wearing a raincoat and a flat cap.
  8. So, before you buy that cap gun or bouncing ball for your child, take some precautions.

Meaning of Cap & Cap Definition