Cap Ex

Cap Ex,

Cap Ex:

  • The definition of Cap Ex is: Capital expenditures are funds that companies use to purchase and upgrade physical assets, such as:

Literal Meanings of Cap Ex


Meanings of Cap:
  1. Install the cover or cover.

  2. Get a proper height or conclusion.

  3. Set limits or restrictions (prices, expenses or other activities)

  4. A kind of flat, soft hat, mostly with edges.

  5. Covers safety items or items such as bottles, pen indicators or camera lenses.

  6. The large upper part of the proliferating body consists mainly of cells and venomous mushrooms, with stems and throat or pores.

  7. Summary for percussion cap

  8. Joint Agricultural Policy.

Sentences of Cap
  1. Combing pen

  2. Win the title and get the crown of unforgettable season

  3. City limited budget

  4. A man in a raincoat and flat hat

  5. Coral mushrooms have no lids, but their fruit bodies are made of branched grapes.

  6. So before you buy a shotgun or swing ball for your child, there are some precautions you should take.

Synonyms of Cap

stopper, perfect, bung, cork, top, crown, put the finishing touches to, spile, put the finishing touch to, be a fitting climax to, ceiling, limit, set a limit on, restrict, lid, round off, put a ceiling on, upper limit, complete, keep within bounds


Meanings of Ex:
  1. (Goods) sold directly.

  2. Without deleting

  3. Ex-husband, wife or other partner in the relationship.