Definition of Canning:

  1. Be permitted to.

  2. Used to request someone to do something.

  3. Food preservation method in which a cooked or uncooked food is sealed in a tin plated and lacquered steel can sterilized by heat treatment, sometimes under high pressure. The temperature required for effective sterilization varies with the pH of the item, and is generally higher than boiling point of water (100°C or 212°F) for low-pH foods such as fish (and other seafood), meats, poultry, mushrooms, and vegetables (except tomatoes). Practice of canning predates the discovery of disease causing bacteria (such as clostridium botulinum).

  4. Be able to.

Synonyms of Canning

Anhydration, Blast-freezing, Bottling, Boxing, Brining, Corning, Crating, Curing, Dehydration, Desiccation, Dry-curing, Drying, Embalming, Encasement, Evaporation, Freeze-drying, Freezing, Fuming, Irradiation, Jerking, Marination, Mummification, Package, Packaging, Packing, Pickling, Potting, Quick-freezing, Refrigeration, Salting, Seasoning, Smoking, Stuffing, Taxidermy, Tinning

How to use Canning in a sentence?

  1. Can you open the window?.
  2. Some foods can last awhile and by canning them they will have a long shelf life and better chance of selling.
  3. My sister spent a lot of time preparing those fresh vegetables and preserving them for the winter in those quart jars with the metal ring lids and seals, just like Grandma used when she did her canning years ago.
  4. You can use the phone if you want to.
  5. They can run fast.
  6. My friend had a canning method for his food, so it would last a lot longer and it made me wanna start doing it as well.

Meaning of Canning & Canning Definition