Candyland Drinking Game

Candyland Drinking Game

A drinking game with Candyland? 3

Candyland has been my favorite board game ever ... I've heard someone talk about playing it as a drinking game ... Do you know what it's made of?

Drink candy in the ground

Players: 26

Equipment: 1 Candyland board game

Athlete's preferences for alcoholic beverages

1 Rue Communale Gl

Choice for Pts

Story: It's about Sts and Ladders. We can find another joy in spoiling children's games. Maybe we are a group of loving people. White. This is a question for all ages.

Principle: Each player chooses a color in the game. This is your color for the rest of the game. For those who don't remember, Candyland uses colored cards to move game pieces (for example, select the card with the blue card, go to the next blue room). If another player draws a color, offer a drink. Every time you wear your color or drink. Cards with 2 colored squares are counted in doubles. There are special boxes on the board that can be thrown off the deck (Mr. Mint, Sugar Plum Ferry, Date Bread Guy, etc ...). A player who draws one of these special cards is rewarded / fined for participating in a community walk. You also go into art. There is also an SS on the board that players cannot move unless they draw a certain color. If a player gets stuck in one of these ss, he will drink each time until he can get out of it.

For example, Lly invited Sue to have a drink at Candyland. So he tells Lily to pick him up instead. lly chose blue and Sue chose yellow. Required Art. He draws a card in blue. Leila said: Yes. she did! After transferring it to the first blue box, Soo drank. lly's tower. Take out the blue card, transfer the number and drink. So I'll give you one, okay. ly muttered and shuffled the cards. [... several rounds of PK ...] Caramel is now in the marsh and drinking alcohol in each round until he makes a purple double card. Now it's Su's turn. He pulled out Mr. Mint as if it were his card. After walking reluctantly to the trash can, he reached for a piece of plywood and refilled it. "It's random now," he said. Ha ha, Lee said as he issued another yellow card. This is a loser. lly drank 2 drinks, one from Sue and one st ...

Warning: Due to the nature of the game, you should always be prepared for a long game. Usually allows 1 or 2 meters per game. In match tests, it is not uncommon for at least one player to be 4-6 meters tall in a game. Bring your heart into this game.

Candyland Drinking Game