Definition of Candidate:

  1. Potential filler of a job position. In contracting, the respondents to an invitation to bid are called candidates, and the award winning party is called the contractor.

Synonyms of Candidate

Addict, Agent, Also-ran, Applicant, Appointee, Aspirant, Aspirer, Assignee, Baby kisser, Bidder, Campaigner, Claimant, Collector, Coveter, Dark horse, Defeated candidate, Deputy, Desirer, Devotee, Dud, Entrant, Fancier, Favorite son, Freak, Hankerer, Has-been, Hopeful, Lame duck, Licensee, Lover, Nominee, Office seeker, Petitioner, Political hopeful, Possibility, Postulant, Presidential timber, Prospect, Runner, Running mate, Seeker, Selectee, Solicitant, Solicitor, Stalking-horse, Stumper, Suitor, Suppliant, Supplicant, Votary, Wanter, Whistle-stopper, Wisher, Yearner

How to use Candidate in a sentence?

  1. During the upcoming election it is important to pay attention not only to what each candidate says, but also to what they do and how they conduct themselves.
  2. In local elections there are too many people who are unaware of their candidate options because local politics are often viewed as unimportant or irrelevant.
  3. I wondered which candidate my friend would vote for this election because he always voted for the best and most qualified one.

Meaning of Candidate & Candidate Definition

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