Cancha De Handball

Cancha De Handball

How many players are on the handball field?

Theoretically, there are a total of 7 players on the field. P is actually one player on the field (which is not very different) 6 players and one bow, and each team has the option to combine attacking players with different clothes, in this case there are 7 attackers.

And there's a mistake among friends too: real game time is 30`p which can be extended until I know, for example: up to 35` because it's time for penalty shootout and if any The player is injured or if the ball goes too far.

The handball measures 40x20 meters and is played 7vs7, and each team has 7 reservoirs. Two 30-minute parts are played: come back

Well, the size of the handball field may vary.

The game is played 7v7. Each team has 7 reserves and they play a fixed amount of time for 30 minutes.

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Cancha De Handball