Canceled Debt

Canceled Debt,

Canceled Debt Definition:

The definition of Canceled Debt is: Debt settlement on mortgages or other loans. Canceled loans are generally considered taxable income.

Literal Meanings of Canceled Debt


Meanings of Canceled:
  1. Decides or announces that (planned event) will not happen.

  2. Neutralizes or negates the power or effect of (one element or circumstance).

Sentences of Canceled
  1. He will have to cancel his visit.

  2. Electricity sectors may be canceled.

Synonyms of Canceled

wipe out, mothball, scrub, call off, offset, negative, scratch, redline, scrap, neutralize, countervail, balance (out), negate, nix, postpone, abandon, compensate for, counteract, nullify, axe, drop, make up for, counterbalance, counterweigh


Meanings of Debt:
  1. The amount of money owed

Synonyms of Debt

arrears, score, money owing, debits, account, tab, amount due, dues, check, financial obligation, tally, charges, outstanding payment, bill