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Canceled Check: What is the Meaning of Canceled Check?

Canceled Check definition is: An invalid check is a check that has been paid or cashed by a bank from which the check was withdrawn after deposit or cash. This check will be canceled with use and payment so that it cannot be used again.

  • Invalid checks are checks that have been cashed at the time of cash or deposit, which invalidate the check for other transactions and cannot be reused.
  • Checks without funds indicate that the clearing process is complete, so checks without funds can be used as proof of payment.
  • Checks may also be canceled by the issuer prior to the transaction by notifying the issuing bank.

Check Payment False checks are generally accepted as valid proof of payment.

Checks paid by the bank are debited from the holder's account and then verified, once canceled, the checks are no longer negotiable.

Literal Meanings of Canceled Check


Meanings of Canceled:
  1. Decide or announce that (planned event) will not happen.

  2. Neutralizes or negates the power or influence of (one element or state)

  3. The stamp is marked to indicate that it has been used.

  4. New pages or sections are added to the book to replace the plain text, usually to correct errors.

Sentences of Canceled
  1. He was forced to cancel his visit

  2. Power fields may be canceled

  3. Cancellation of insurance

Synonyms of Canceled

neutralize, countervail, counterbalance, drop, counteract, balance out, scrap, balance, abandon, call off


Meanings of Check:
  1. (Some) to check its accuracy, quality, condition or to see if anything.

  2. Stop or slow down progress (something you don't want)

  3. (Passenger) hands over the departing carrier (suitcase)

  4. Click or click (boxes) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. Move infantry or infantry to attack (the opposing king).

  6. (In poker) You do not choose to place bets so that the promotion can be transferred to other players.

  7. Take a break (from the dog) to confirm or find someone's scent.

  8. An inspection to verify or verify its accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  9. Stop or slow down.

  10. A movement in which a mohan or mohar directly attacks the opposing king. If the guards could not handle the attack, the king was taken into custody.

  11. Written instructions to the bank to pay into the sniper's account. Restaurant bill

  12. Identification of goods

  13. A counter used as a bet in a game of chance.

Sentences of Check
  1. Customs officials have the right to check all goods.

  2. Several attempts were made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and got my boarding pass.

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents them from sharing their files

  5. Get your horse back to my king

  6. Each player can normally check, bet, call or increase and bet on the required amount for each card.

  7. A campaign that requires regular inspections of gas supplies

  8. The market does not stop expanding

  9. A movement that is neither an arrest nor a failure, nor a direct attack.

  10. Received a check for $ 1000

Synonyms of Check

dissection, investigation, halt, perusal, check-up, analysis, bring to a standstill, probe, look at, inspect, scan, stop, arrest, examination, scrutinization, survey, inquiry, scrutinize, inspection, assessment